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Breast augmentation is among the most popular procedures at the California Institute of Cosmetic & Reconstructive Surgery in Bakersfield, California. Vipul Dev, MD, and Narayanan Nair, MD, FACS, have extensive experience in all types of breast augmentation procedures and routinely create beautiful results. Learn more about what breast augmentation can do for you during a one-on-one consultation, which you can book online or by phone in just moments.

Breast Augmentation Q & A

What is breast augmentation?

Breast augmentation, also called augmentation mammoplasty, is a type of surgical procedure that alters the size, shape, or placement of your breasts. It is one of the most popular types of cosmetic surgery and has helped thousands of women feel more confident about their appearance. 

The decision to pursue breast augmentation is personal. No woman should choose to have augmentation surgery under pressure from anyone else or to conform to any perceived standard or ideal. This is a choice you make for yourself and only to align with your goals. 

A breast lift is another option. This procedure removes excess tissue and skin and tightens the breasts, and can improve the firmness and positioning of your breasts. A breast lift does not involve any form of implant. 

What can breast augmentation achieve?

There are many benefits of breast augmentation. Some of the possible improvements include:

  • Creating larger, fuller breasts
  • Adjusting for asymmetry between breasts
  • Restoring breast size and shape after cancer treatment or traumatic injury
  • Improving self-confidence
  • Restoring breast shape, size, and tone after pregnancy or breastfeeding

Breast augmentation is a versatile tool that can help meet more than one goal. The best way to achieve a favorable outcome is to clearly express your goals during your initial consultation at the California Institute of Cosmetic & Reconstructive Surgery and ask questions as needed. 

What happens during breast augmentation?

You receive medication to keep you comfortable from start to finish. Your surgeon begins by making incisions to gain access to the underlying breast tissues. These incisions may be placed beneath the breasts, around the nipple, or even beneath your arms, depending on the type of augmentation. 

Next, the surgeon carefully separates your breast tissue from the connective tissues and muscle tissue. This makes room for the implant itself, which can be placed either in front of or behind your pectoral muscle. 

There are several types of implants to choose from. Some are made of a soft material called silicone, while others are filled with a saline solution. Some are shaped and must be placed in a certain orientation, while others are round. 

California Institute of Cosmetic & Reconstructive Surgery offers some of the best implants on the market. Options include products like NatrelleⓇ and MentorⓇ.

Once the implant is in place, your surgeon closes the incisions. They take care to create the least amount of visible scarring possible. You can expect a degree of soreness and swelling in the weeks after your procedure, but you soon can see new newly contoured breasts. 

If you’re curious about what breast augmentation can do for you, call the California Institute of Cosmetic & Reconstructive Surgery to book a consultation. Online scheduling is also an option.